Schmitz Cargobull

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Four-Hole Square Buffer
Schmitz square bump rubber with four holes. ..
Double jointed hinge for Schmitz curtainsider doors. One side of this hinge is bolted on to the d..
Bottom door handle for Schmitz Curtainsider doors. ..
This keeper bolts on to the doorframe below the doors and allows the doors to close securely. ..
Door Retainer - Fridge Door
Spring loaded door retainer for Schmitz Cargobull rear doors. Mounts underneath the body and hold..
Mudguard Bracket
This piece bolts on to the rear of the mudguard and onto the mudguard stays attached to the chass..
Mudguard Bracket
Part of a three-piece mudguard bracket system. ..
Fridge Door Handle
Schmitz Trailer Rear Door Handle ..
Number Plate Holder c/w Light
Plastic Aspock number plate holder with light and wiring lead. ..
Two Hole Buffer
Schmitz two-hole rear bump rubber. Smaller than the four-holed version. ..
Doorframe Pillar Buffer
This bump rubber goes on the rear doorframe of Schmitz fridge trailers to prevent damage to the d..
Curtain Pole Keeper
Schmitz cam keeper for curtain pole. Enables pole to slot into tensioner. ..
Schmitz fridge half wing spray suppression. ..
Fridge Door Hinge
Schmitz fridge door hinge. ..
Door hinge bar for Schmitz curtainsider door. This bar slots through the door and holds the hinge..
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